Sunday, November 9, 2014

The start of my weight loss journey

If you follow my page on Facebook you know that I have pledged to get real about this weight loss journey. The first day it got REAL was October 26th. I did two work outs and felt great. I was doing great for 4 days. Yep you read that right 4 straight days. Here I could start to give you all the excuses I have but bottom line I wasn't feeling it. I DO want to loss weight. I DO want to get healthier for my little. I DO know that requires me to actually do it. I have not given up or stopped. I have been eating better and have actually lost 5 pounds. I am giving myself credit for that for now. I will get this. Tomorrow is the start of a new week, here is to trying to make it a better week than before! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thinx - Underwear

Long time no write. I am so excited to be able to blog again. I have found a wonderful product to help  pregnant mommas, women who have had a baby and well just for some of those other embarrassing female moments.

I am sure you are sitting there asking your self what it could be. It is underwear. Yep underwear. These underwear can help you from embarrassing female moment. Moments from your period, incontinence and to ovulation days. Not only can they help with those, but these are not your granny's panties. They are stylish. They come in sizes xs to xxl. Here are a few examples. 

Their mission... 

THINX is committed to breaking the taboo surrounding the very natural occurrences of the female body. By reimagining feminine hygiene products to provide support, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, THINX aims to eliminate shame, empowering women and girls around the world. 

Their Vision...

THINX sees a world where no woman is held back by her body. We will work proudly and tirelessly until every single girl has an equal opportunity for the brighter future that she deserves.
We will be the trusted source for all things feminine hygiene, from underwear to education, and we will never stop innovating for girls and women around the world. 

It started with a question. "Why aren't you in School?" The answer was "It's my week of Shame."

What they discovered was that 100 million girls around the world are falling behind and dropping out simply because they lack access to proper menstrual sanitation. So, they coupled the innovative concept of smarter underwear—which, let’s face it, we all need—with the socially conscious concept of providing girls and women in the developing world with washable, reusable pads, allowing us all to live our lives fully, and shamelessly, every day of the month. 

Why do I love this company...Well there are several reasons. Let's face it if you have ever been pregnant and had a kid kicking, punching and dancing on your bladder, I am sure you have worn so many pads to stop the embarrassment of leaking. Think about how amazing it would have been if you could have just worn your underwear. After being pregnant many women can suffer from incontinence and wearing a pad is not always comfortable, these underwear can help. I also love the fact that this company is doing some good besides making a wonderful product. For every pair of underwear bought, they fund 7 reusable cloth pads for a girl in a developing country. It's not everyday you can buy something wonderful and helpful for yourself and know you are helping someone else.

I know I can not wait to get my hands on a pair of these. Want to get a pair you can get them at You can also find them on Facebook at Be sure to check them out and like them on Facebook.

All information in blue was taken directly from the company. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wool Dryer Balls

If you are like me, you may be looking for ways to make your home safer for your little one and/or save money. I was reading about wool dryer balls and how they can help decrease your dry time and I wanted to give them a try.

I found a wonderful small business that makes them, Sheepy Spheres. They are made in Minnesota which makes them even better in my eyes. They are 100% wool, making them eco friendly and non toxic. You can get scents added to them so that your clothes have that dryer sheet smell, different colors and custom designs. One of the scenting options is Essential Oils.

I ordered three with the lavender vanilla scent and I am absolutely in love. I love the way my clothes smell and I have noticed the dry time has gone down. I love that my dry time has gone down saving me money and I do not need to buy dryer sheets. All around saving me money and who doesn't like to save money! If you are on the fence, I 110% recommend that you give them a try. I promise you will not be disappointed!

You can also use the wool balls as a natural dog or kid toy. Although, not scented or to also use in the dryer.

Want to check them can find more info here Or

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lifefactory glass bottles

I had mentioned in a previous posts that I was thinking about switching to glass bottles. We made the switch to glass a few months ago now, and I have to tell you I love them. I will tell you that our son still only drinks breast milk so my husband uses the bottles the most and he loves them too.

We started off using plastic bottles and I did not really think I would switch but I started to notice how soft the plastic bottles would get when I sterilized them. This started making me nervous, if they are getting that soft, what things are being absorbed into the plastic and what is coming out of it? One of our bottles even turned orange in the dishwasher. I started reading up on different types of bottles and figured I would try a glass one and see if I liked it. I ordered our first glass bottle, a 9 ounce lifefactory bottle. He took to the nipple right away. After washing and sterilizing it looked brand new, unlike the plastic ones that started getting scratches and getting soft. I now have three 4 ounce bottles, and one 9 ounce bottle. I absolutely love these bottles. They all come with a silicone sleeve that makes it easy for your little one to hold on to. The silicone sleeves come in a variety of colors and are very stylish. I bet you are all thinking glass that's going to break easy, I have dropped mine a few times and they have not broke.

The other thing I love about these bottles is you can convert them into a sippy cup for when they get older. No need to buy all new cups. Like other bottle companies they do also sell solid caps, different nipples and the replacement glass bottle for those unfortunate mishaps.

This company also makes water bottles for adults in a few different sizes and for kids. I am going to be getting one soon for me. They have a ton of different colors. They also make teethers for your little one.

Here is the website if you would like to check them out....

These bottles give me a little peace of mind that he is using a bottle that is better for him and my husband loves them. 

I am not getting paid, nor did I receive any free product form this company. This opinion is my own and my husbands. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lessons learned

Becoming a new mom I have learned some valuable lessons.

People can be mean. I am talking make you want to curl up and cry mean. As a new mom I seek out advice from other moms, with this being said I have noticed how mean other moms can be. No two moms are the same, nor should they have to be. We are all moms doing the best we can for our kid/kids at that moment, so really we should not be so mean to each other. Nothing makes me angrier when I am on FaceBook page or blog or any where a mom is asking for help, and some person posts something so mean and then the posts turn into why this way is better and people end up arguing over their idea. I don't find it helpful and I am sure the mom who is asking doesn't either. Stop judging her! I wish if people didn't agree with what she is doing they would just not respond or give her their recommendation in a nice constructive way. I wish they would stop tell her she is doing the wrong thing, trying to make her feel like her way is making her the worst mom ever, she isn't she is doing what she thinks is best.

Like most major events in your life, you will find out who your true friends are. Some of them will walk away because your life and theirs just don't match up any more. The friends that stand by you, will be amazing though.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Aimee's Babies-First Year Milestones & Baby Massage and Developmental Exercises for your Baby

My husband recently won First Year Milestones from a Friends blog. When we spoke to Aimee about receiving it, I asked her to check out my blog as well. She did and asked me to write a review on Baby Massage and Developmental Exercises for your baby. How could I turn it down! I mean someone wanted me to check something out for them.

Tonight I watched both of the DVDs and I was so excited and thought I would share some info on both of them with you.

First Year Milestones has five chapters to it. Introduction, Newborn, Three - four months, Six-nine Months, and Twelve Months. You can watch all five chapters or skip to the chapter/milestone that your baby is at. I did watch all of the chapters tonight even thought my son is already four and a half months old. I found all of the DVD very helpful. I learned things to do to help develop certain milestones. It also tells you things to look for that he should be doing and what to do if he isn't doing certain things. One of the points that stuck out to me in the three to four month was that carrying a baby in your arms or a baby carrier can reduce the baby's crying by 20%. I have heard this before but wasn't sure it was true. This reaffirmed this. Another thing the video talked about was baby massage to help develop the sense of touch, and it can help with tummy troubles. This is something that our doctor told us to do to help our son. (One of the reasons I am very excited for the next DVD.) I loved the baby boot camp at the end of each chapter. This was exercises you can do with them. I am sure I will be watching the six to nine months a few more times when bubba gets to that stage. I found this to be a very helpful DVD.

Baby Massage and Developmental Exercises for your Baby has three chapters to it. Senses, Position and Space, and Baby Massage. You can watch all three chapters at a time or pick which one you would like to watch, just like the other DVD. There was a lot of helpful information. I absolutely loved the baby massage part. She tells you what to do and shows you. I found the pace of it perfect that if you wanted to watch it and do the massage on you baby at the same time. I am very excited to try the I love you part of the massage on my son when he gets gassy the next time. This is one of the most help instructional videos for baby massage that I have found.

You can find both of these DVDs at along with some other DVDs. She also has a bunch of apps to help with baby development. You can find it on FaceBook too Check them out I promise you wont be disappointed!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Foell In Love Creations

Looking for a homemade item, check out Foell in Love Creations. My sister had her do a corn on the cob out fit for her friends baby who is due any day now, and an Elf hat for my son. The other day I was scrolling through her pictures and noticed this Giants baby blanket toy. I sent her a message asking if she could make a Yankees one.

She said she could. This is how it turned out...

I am in love. She has also done a tractor, purse, dog, snake, dish clothes, and many more. Check out her FaceBook page and send her a message! I promise you wont be disappointed!